3/28 – National Executives Stiff Arm Delta Omicron Housing Corporation

Update provided by Alumni –

There was a meeting from 7-8pm that the DO local housing corp led for alum and then another meeting afterwards to review the same info with students and a few parents. This meeting was an opportunity for housing corp to give sort of a “state of the union” address and review the bylaws.  These women of housing corp love our house, the current girls, and are themselves DO alum.  They have no clear understanding what really has happened.  They vouch for the girls that they have worked hard to meet the nationals demands. They have tried all they could.  Nationals has poorly communicated with them and given them conflicting stories across the board. They have actually been telling others who call in that housing corp is kicking out the girls, but this is not true.  Housing corp supports the girls.

Basically according to the bylaws, the local housing corp is dissolved and the assets (dollars, house which includes the deed, the property, etc) now belongs to Nationals. There is another segment buried in the bylaws that states the members of the housing corp can be personally sued and held accountable for all damages, lawyer fees etc. This is very threatening to these ladies and could attack their personal lives if they push any further.  So housing corp has to step down and not be involved.

Local housing corp has said Nationals will sell everything in the house and then lease to another sorority or group for 3-5 years.  They will then try to bring back DDD.  There will never be another local housing corp; it will stay in the hands of Nationals.  This apparently is a trend in fraternal organizations across the country.

The president of the local housing corp, Phyllis, was wonderful (as were all the ladies).  They were tearful and passionate about our chapter.  Phyllis was the pledge class of ’61 (I hope I have that right) and has been part of our chapter since then.

This is all just very sad.  The current girls were tearful and unsure what to do.  Not sure if they should pack up or prepare to stay the rest of the semester.  They were very appreciative that we were there and many of them spent time a lot of time talking with us afterwards.  These girls were awesome. The halls were lined with amazing picture and You can feel the love when walking through the house.


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