Past Tri Delt Presidents Give Insight into the Chapter’s Relationship with Nationals

Dear Tri Delta National Executives,

We, the past six Presidents of Tri Delta’s Delta Omicron chapter, have come together to share insight into the frustration that we each experienced during our leadership. We feel these issues were a key indicator of the sentiments that led to the removal of the Delta Omicron charter at Indiana University.

As saddened as we are by your decision, this does not come as a surprise to us. During our times as President, there was a consistent strain on the relationship between Nationals and our chapter. Through conversations with past alumni, it is evident that the chapter struggled for your support long before our time. We did not understand the uphill battle the Delta Omicron chapter faced until we became responsible for leading our chapter.

We have spent the last few weeks collectively reflecting on various times that we reached out for guidance and structure only to be disappointed when we either did not receive a response, or received a response that seemed to be a template applied across chapters. We can recall countless times when both the chapter and our advisors were shocked at the treatment and lack of support that we were given. Instead of receiving the leadership development that Tri Delta prides itself on, we were given little direction and few resources. When provided resources, they were from books and manuals not at all incorporating the fact that individual Tri Delta chapters may have differences…

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