Press Release from 3/11


March 11, 2017

CONTACT: Peter French; Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP; 317.685.6140

Indiana University Tri Delta Delta Omicron Chapter Supporters Call on the National Office to Reinstate Chapter  

History of Sisterhood, Philanthropy, and Good Standing at Indiana University Should Be Considered in Effort to #saveIUTriDelt

The current members of the Delta Omicron chapter of Tri Delta, its new members, their parents, the alumnae, including the Housing Corporation and local alumni board, are calling on the National Organization of Tri Delta to reinstate the Delta Omicron chapter at Indiana University.

A week after the Executive Office of Tri Delta’s National Organization called a meeting with current and new members of the Delta Omicron chapter, confiscated their phones and told them they are withdrawing the charter and would have just a few weeks to find new housing, there still hasn’t been a clear reason or incident given for withdrawing this historic chapter’s charter.

Petition to #saveIUTriDelt Gains Thousands of Supporters  

A petition supporting the reinstatement of the chapter is gaining support from around the country on social media, fueled by the hashtag #saveIUTriDelta. The petitions have gathered nearly 7000 signatures, representing more than 47 states and 15 countries, and has the full support of nearly 1000 alumni crossing 40 years of pledge classes, many of which have volunteered to provide guidance and counsel should the Executive Office of Tri Delta reinstate the chapter.

Many Question Grave Action for Unnamed Reason

While the chapter had been on probation with the national Tri-Delta organization since early 2016, the current members and its leadership had been steadfastly working through the terms of its probation over the last twelve months with very little, if any, support from the National Organization, despite the Executive Office’s messages to the media indicating the contrary.

Importantly, after a thorough internal investigation, there was not a specific incident or wrongdoing uncovered that would have merited implementing such a severe punishment upon the active members, new members and thousands of Tri-Delta alumnae of the Delta Omicron chapter. In fact, the chapter remains in good standing with the University and local law enforcement.

Rich History of Diversity, Sisterhood and Philanthropy

The Delta Omicron chapter of Tri Delta has maintained a rich and diverse sisterhood. It has a history of lifelong friendships, scholarship and philanthropy. Further, it has been a pillar of the Indiana University campus for more than 100 years, and was memorialized in the 1979 movie “Breaking Away.”  The Indiana University Tri Delta home is a national treasure and its sisterhood is a beacon of strength and diversity, of thought and spirit.

Philanthropy has always been a top priority for the Delta Omicron chapter of Tri Delta, and exemplifies the integrity, commitment and grace of the current and past members of this chapter. Recent efforts included increasing fundraising profits for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital by 110% in 2013; raising ~$60,000 every year through its spring Flapjack Attack event, St. Jude walks and other philanthropic Sisterhood events, such as Sincerely Yours letters; and raising more than $82,000 for Riley Hospital for Children through the members’ participation in Indiana University Dance Marathon.


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