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Tri Delta Faces Eviction After Chapter Revoked without Clear Explanation

As many of you may have heard by now, the charter of the Delta Omicron Chapter of the Tri Delt sorority at Indiana University was pulled by Tri Delt Nationals earlier this month. They did so just two weeks after offering bids to new members. As you can imagine, terminating a sorority chapter is a much longer process than just two weeks, especially when terminating a sorority at IU is unprecedented.

For those of you wondering why the Executive Board withdrew the chapter, weeks later, your guess is still as good as ours. We’ve sent countless emails, made hundreds of calls, and even sent representatives to the headquarters in Dallas, Texas only to be left with more questions than answers. The girls in the house, their parents, and over 1,000 alumni are completely in the dark.

We have, however, confirmed that the decision was made solely by the Executive Board – NOT INDIANA UNIVERSITY. IU confirmed that they were not made aware of any wrongdoing or violations by the girls. In fact, IU said Tri Delt was viewed positively around campus, in good academic standing, and very involved in numerous volunteer and academic organizations at the school. So what, then, has the Executive Board told us?

The Delta Omicron charter has been revoked due to “activities that do not represent our high standards or align with Tri Delta’s purpose”. And that’s it. Period. That is literally as much as we know.

“Activities that do not represent our high standards or align with Tri Delta’s purpose” WITHOUT citation of activitiesis not acceptable when disbanding a 100 year-old chapter in phenomenal standing with both the university and the community. We all deserve more of an explanation than that, especially the current members and the 55 girls who rushed Tri Delt less than 2 months prior. Why were specific instances and details cited publicly when other Tri Delt chapters were terminated, but we can’t even get an explanation privately?

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